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Personalized Family Medicine
Meet our Team


One way we work to keep healthcare affordable is by keeping our team small.  That being said, though we are small, we like to think we are mighty.

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Mandi T. Griffin MD

Family Physician

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Featherstone CMA

Medical Assistant

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Why DPC?

Why DPC?

First, what is DPC?  What is the saying, if I had a nickel for ever time I was asked this question....?  DPC stands for Direct Primary Care and it represents a movement to bring medical care back to a relationship between the provider and the  patient.  



    As a family doctor I want to return to excellent, timely and affordable care that is not driven by the whims of insurance.



    We at Tamarack Health want to provide the people of the Bitterroot Valley and beyond a medical home that is affordable and accessible.  We envision care that is well-rounded and unhurried, that is evidence-based and up-to-date with an emphasis on healthful living.  

Do you take Insurance?

To keep our / your costs low, we do not bill any insurance companies.  Questions? Contact us to see how this could still work for you.

Is this an Urgent Care?

We would be glad to see any patient who is a member  usually same day.  If after clinic hours, then leave us a message.  If an emergency, call 911/go to the ER. 


We draw blood tests at the clinic which we then run through Quest Lab.  We are pleased to offer complementary yearly labs with your membership.  If you have insurance, we can order these through another lab just as easy.

Radiology Tests


We work with local radiology offices to get the most-affordable rates for you.  If you have insurance, these are generally still covered.


What's included in my membership?
What are your Rates?
You don't accept my insurance?!
Where can I get Prescriptions?

It is a dream-come-true to offer medications at cost, and we have partnered with Healthcare Providers in Hamilton and Family Pharmacy in Stevensville  to do this.  We can also send your prescriptions to another preferred pharmacy.  Just let us know.

How am I billed?

You will be billed monthly with an automatic electronic withdrawal.  

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