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Flight Physicals

Dr. Griffin is a certified Senior Aviation Medical Examiner which means she can perform FAA physicals for first, second and third class medical certificates.  She also performs Basic Med physicals.  

She and Katana are aware of the requirements needed for current and aspiring airmen and can field basic questions if you have them.  We also recommend going to as many questions can be answered there.  If there is a more in-depth condition then an in-office pre-physical consult may be indicated.  But we are glad to help with that, too.  

Please see below for fees and requirements that should be done before your scheduled appointment.

Be prepared for your Flight Physical

2023 Updates

As Dr. Griffin's private practice has reached maximum capacity we are needing to implement scheduling protocols for our pilots to make sure we have adequate time to accommodate everyone.  If you are needing a flight phyical, we are requesting you contact us to schedule at least 30 days in advance.  We generally offer our flight physicals on Wednesdays, our flexibility is limited on accommodating pilots on other weekdays.  If you are needing a physical last-minute (within 30 days) we will be implementing a priority scheduling fee which will bring the total cost of the flight physical to $200.  

First Class Medical Certificate

First Class certificates are needed if you are pursuing a career with the commercial airlines or requested by your employer.  Your medical certificate is due every 12 months under 40, then every 6 months.  Airmen applicants who are pursuing a 1st Class medical certificate need an EKG at 35 years old and then yearly after the age of 40.  These are done in the office at the time of your flight physical.

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