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Membership Rates
And Payment Site

Thank you for your interest in Tamarack Health DPC!


Details needed for anyone who would like to sign up:  Name (first, last), DOB, mobile phone number (so we can send you a link to the Patient Portal), and mailing address.


We are for the most part open 8:30-4 Mon-Thurs and until noon on Friday, but this can be fairly flexible.  




As a reminder, Tamarack Health is a Membership-based model; while we do not bill for office visits (unless procedures or labs are performed), there is a monthly membership fee.  If you have questions regarding this, please let us know.  


For ages newborn to 25 years old it is $25/month.  Ages 26-64 $70/month.  Over 65 up to 99 years old it is $100/month.  If you are blessed enough to be over 100 years old, you’re free!


When you sign up, you’ll be sent a link and you can attach a credit card number that will be charged for your membership.  If you wish to pay via another method (Venmo, Cash, Check) let us know and we can accommodate.  Also, you can choose whether to be billed on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual schedule; just let us know.  


How do we communicate?


In a world of identity risks, we have attempted to use electronic means of communications that are tested and tried and that are secure to you personally and financially.  We understand that we are available on Facebook, via email and even Instagram; while we enjoy the freedom those offer to communicate with us, we worry at their safety.  We have partnered with to be our telephone system; through them we are connected with our electronic medical record system (Elation Health) as well.  When you sign up at Tamarack Health DPC, we will not only send you a link for payment options (through Elation Health) but we’ll also send you a link to download a free app Spruce. Utilizing this app, you can message/call/leave a message which can be linked to your medical record.  We will also use this for Telehealth options, should that need arise.  Nothing beats clinic visits, but we hope these other means will also make it easier for clear, concise and secure communication between you and your provider.  Of course, if this is not for you, you can call us at our phone number 406-361-7778.


Let us know if you have any additional questions.    Check us out on 




Mandi Griffin MD

Katana Featherstone CMA

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We are currently accepting applications for membership.  We strive to keep our care personal, which means we do limit the number of our active members.  If you feel this medical care model is what you are looking for, don't hesitate to reach out.  We will put you on our list and a small holding deposit may be required; this amount will go towards your membership costs but is otherwise non-refundable.  

Similar to a gym membership or a monthly magazine subscription, for a low monthly payment our patients receive access to their Provider whenever they want or need. care. Our simple system and easy to use technology provide collaborative and personalized primary care.  The typical high costs for medications, labs, imaging studies and procedures are greatly discounted.  

child/young adult

Ages 0 (newborn) to 24 years old

$70 / month

Ages 25-64

Mature Adult

Age 65 and up

(100 years and older are free)

home visits
$50 flat fee + Mileage if> 15 mile radius

Need a home visit?

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Mother and Baby in Autumn

Our Family Plan

Families of 4 or more will receive 10% discount on membership fees (must include at least one adult)

How do we bill you?

Direct Patient Care (DPC) clinics provide care without the constrictions of insurance companies.  That being said, healthcare does cost and thus the monthly membership-fees.  When you sign up to be a patient at Tamarack Health DPC, we will include your bank information in our protected electronic health record. While we do not charge a 'sign up fee' we will start billing as of the sign-up date and monthly thereafter.  If you have decided this care model does not work for you, please notify us in writing and we'll close your account at the end of the month. Please be aware that we are choosing to not require a sign-up fee in order to keep costs low, however if there are repeated openings of your account we will require a one-time sign-up fee of $250 each time.

If electronic banking / withdrawal does not work for you, please speak with us directly and we will assist you in setting up another plan.

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