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Mandi T. Griffin MD

Family Physician, Wife and Mother, Child of God

My passions are my family, singing, distance running, flying (I'm a private pilot), anything outdoors (hiking, skiing, backpacking), shooting with the family, studying wildlife.

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My Story

I decided at 11 years old I wanted to be a doctor, and never changed from that goal.  Originally choosing to and training to be a surgeon, I came to the practice of Family Medicine by God's guidance and each year have seen the wisdom in this guidance as I love every aspect of the relationships and care formed by Family care.  

I began practice in Hamilton, Montana  in 2010 and have been thrilled to call this valley my home.  With the growing population which particularly occurred in 2020 and the changing dynamics in part related to COVID-19, I took a giant leap and opened Tamarack Health--DPC of the Bitterroot in 2022.


When I opened Tamarack Health, I spoke with many individuals who knew me well and their response with the transition was "it's the next logical step."  I didn't quite understand at first, because I loved my current practice, loved my patients.  I had read about the upcoming "DPC movement" and never thought I would be ready for it myself.  Numerous factors led to my decision and with each passing day I realized the truth, God needed me to take this 'logical step.' And I am optimistic that this is a 'next logical step' for those I can care for as well.


Still have questions?

Have a question that you can't find the answer for about our practice?  Feel free to reach out, or visit us in the Clinic.


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