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What is DPC?

What is the saying, if I had a nickel for ever time I was asked this question....?  DPC stands for Direct Primary Care and it represents a movement to bring medical care back to a relationship between the provider and the  patient.  



    As a family doctor I want to return to excellent, timely and affordable care that is not driven by the whims of insurance.




    We at Tamarack Health want to provide the people of the Bitterroot Valley and beyond a medical home that is affordable and accessible.  We envision care that is well-rounded and un-hurried, that is evidence-based and up-to-date with an emphasis on healthful living.  


What is included in your Membership?

DPC = Healthcare not Health Coverage

Similar to a gym membership, for a low monthly payment our patients receive access to their Provider that is prompt and in a manner that works best for THEM.  Our simple system and easy to use technology provide efficient and personalized primary care.  The typical high costs for medications, labs, imaging studies and procedures are also greatly discounted.  

What you you mean you don't bill insurance?

The premise behind DPC is affordable and personalized care.  Medical insurance absolutely is helpful when there are emergencies and surgeries.  However we are seeing more a concept of expensive 'health coverage' less 'health care'.  Under the current model it can take months to be seen by a provider--we've all been there.  We at Tamarack Health DPC prefer to offer care when you need it, at a price that is affordable.  You could request request a receipt of your monthly payments which you can apply to your deductible in to a health sharing plan, and even use your FSA.  Again, our goal is affordable health CARE.

We love God

One great purpose of Tamarack Health is to be a clinic where we will likely talk about God.  We hope, if you wish to, that you will find this a safe place to incorporate your Spiritual health with your medical health.

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